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Curtis Wilson Davis - Online Memorial Website

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Curtis Davis
Born in Montana
21 years
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Mariesa Loves lost and loves gained March 16, 2009



This is SO beautiful, I never even knew the web site existed until I looked at your myspace today! There really isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about Curt, or your family, you are ALWAYS in my thoughts! Although I lost a love, Curt, I gained so many in the midst of this tragedy! I love you, Kriss, Justin, Mark and your dad so much! Your family are some of the best people I know. I miss curt and I miss you and your family doll!



julie parkin r i p June 21, 2008

they say times a healer i now no this is not true you just learn to live with the pain my heart is with you and your family may you rest in peace and look after them love from julie parkin stephen parkins mum xx

Mom Missing You Today! May 27, 2008


I'm missing you today more than the normal. The whole family is gathering this week to celebrate your brother Justin's high school graduation and you wont be here. It doesn't seem right.  I love you.


vicky parkin r.i.p May 13, 2008
your sister visited my brothers site i lost him he was only 22 he got murdered my heart goes out to your family cos i know n live with the pain of losing him. r.i.p love x
Victor Celli LOVE YOU FOREVER April 30, 2008
Emily ty you for the opportunity to see pictures of him again. I will never forget him and your family. You know my Mom and dads number and they know how to get ahold of me whenever they want. I talk to them all the time. I am soo sry i missed his funeral. Life makes it harder that it seems sometimes. TY again for writing me on myspace and telling me about this  website. Love you.
Krystal R.I.P April 14, 2008
Emily you are so strong, and an amazing sister. You will never let his spirit go, which has made me appriciate what I have. I love talking to you about Curt and about life in general. You are a great friend, and I am sorry for your loss. Love you always.
Katie George . March 23, 2008
Em, this is a nice site. Im glad you set it up for him. Just remember that when times are tough, he's always there for you.
Debi Collins Mom to another Angel March 22, 2008

I never knew your handsome Curt, but I do know the pain of losing a son and my daughters have lived the pain of no longer having their brother. The pain is overwhelming at times, and TIME is what it takes to truly begin to accept and move forward. Every birthday, holiday and the anniversary of Curt's death will be difficult, so just prepare and somehow get through that day. The void in our hearts will most probably always be there, but with time, we will heal.

Our Andrew died of blunt force trauma to his brain four days following a tragic car accident. He was 18 years old when he left us on July 16th, 2005. It seems like yesterday to me.  If you feel that you can, please visit his site and light a candle in his memory.  The words of others who have actually "been there" mean so much to me.

May God Bless your family always.


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