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Curtis Davis
Born in Montana
21 years
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Kayln- Cousin
I remember going to the river with you and you would always get water snakes and chase us with them...just hanging out dancing in the kitchen playing outside just causing trouble...i will love you always and forever my cousin!!
Kira Gelling
I will never forget all the good times we had together.  camping, hanging out, watching movies, going to dinner with his grandparents,  all of it is always on my mind.  curt was my life for about 2 years and i loved the kid with all my heart.  we werent always on the best of terms but i believe he knew that i always loved him.  a part of my heart will always be with curt.  he was always there for me.  going on road trips with me, he was always at Star Lanes every saturday to watch me bowl and he went on the road with me a lot as well.  he was always at my softball games and he was most importantly there for me the day i graduated.  we had 2 dogs together, bucket and sexy!  my parents still have sexy at their house, and i believe curt gave bucket away after him and i stopped talking.  i loved spending time with him and his family.  they were all so great to me!  i thank his mom and step dad for everything they did.  my favorite memory was christmas in Arizona.  that was awesome.   I love and miss u curt so much!  always in my heart and my dreams
Emily Davis (Sister)
It is really tough on me to realize that come this saturday i will be older than you. I obvioustly though you would always be older but as my 22nd birthday rolls around the corner i think, how did i become the oldest child? I wish you were here, I love you always and forever. You were a great brother, even if you never always showed it, i always know you have my back!
Victor Celli
The one i thing i misss about you the most man is jumping bikes. I still ride them all the time and i everytime i am on one i think of you. I spent so many nights with Curtis and emily all the time. I even remember when i dated Emily for fun and Curtis dated my sister karen. I mean we were just kids and next door neighbors. i couldnt of been raised in a better neighborhood.  me and curtis were friends with everyone and we always had friends. Other than we were in different grades and i am only 8 months older than him. We loved all the same things. We were dare devils and showing off was something we loved doing. Really sad to see him die like he did but i know he was happy though. Speed was  a rush for him and for me also. I am lucky that i am still alive also.. I mean if i didnt move up to Spokane, i would be riding a bike with him..... I know i would. Like i said, i still like to show off but ever since his death, i been really scared of my life. I miss all the basketball games, late nights playing kick the can and hitting on all the girls. Playing at the grass hopper place and the gully. Only a few of his friends will rememeber places like that. We go so far back and the only guy that i  think of when i am in Butte is Curtis..,,, Its really hard to go back thier and not just cry.... I mean sooooooooo many memories. MAN  i will see you in heaven and your grandma Grewn.   Love you forever and give me the strength to live this hard life and watch my son grow.  
Krystal Johnston

I always remember Curt being wild and full of spirit. His laughter was like wildfire spreading through everyone in the room. Looking back to all of us who grew up in walkerville and the memories made and shared over the years it's more like we were one big family instead of friends. Mike's house was the gathering place for trouble and the cement hill brings back far to many memories to account for. It's hard for me to think about Curt as being gone, because every childhood memory I think back to has pictures like a slideshow in my mind. More than most have pictures of Curt sharing our laughs, tears, anger, trouble, fun times and for sure learning and growing experiences. In all of this we all learned to say hi to the old friends we've grown apart from and never hold grudges with those we grew up with. It's sad that Curt's funeral was the first time I have seen most of our childhood friends since growing up and getting out of high school. It was nice to all share the same room, but horrible that we all joined to morn a friend. Curtis will always be a memory worth holding on too. I miss you and I am sad you are gone. You touched my heart and I am happy to call you a friend.

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